235 - Honouring Motherhood & Menstruation with Amber Hawken

Join me and my bestie Amber (https://www.instagram.com/amber_hawken/) for chats on; how pregnancy impacted her bleed, getting her bleed back after giving birth, and how she honours her bleed each month... and more In This Episode: - Who Amber Hawken is (2:47) - Amber’s first menstrual experience (7:00) - What Amber’s education around menarche was (10:30) - About the last few bleeds before Amber discovered she was pregnant (17:31) - What missing her bleeds and being pregnant was like for Amber (24:34) - Amber’s first bleed postpartum (25:56) - How Amber honours her bleed each month (28:19) Get the full complete show notes, here: https://www.wellsome.com/podcast/ FREE LOVE YOUR CYCLE DOWNLOAD: https://www.subscribepage.com/love-your-cycle MENSTRUAL CYCLE MEMBERSHIP - WELL WOMAN ACADEMY: https://www.wellsome.com/academy/ LOVE YOUR CYCLE FB COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveyourcyclesisterhood/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wellsome_jemalee/ WEBSITE: https://www.wellsome.com/ HELP US SPREAD OUR PODCAST WINGS This show is a passion project that I produce for the love of spreading menstrual cycle awareness for free. If you enjoy this show, help us reach more menstruators. The most effective way you can help is: 1. Subscribe to the show by clicking “subscribe” in iTunes 2. Write us a review in iTunes 3. Share this show with a friend, right now! 4. Screenshot and share via social media - don’t forget to tag me @wellsome_jemalee Simple yes, but you’d be AMAZED at how much it helps this passion project reach more people. iTunes’ algorithm uses ratings and review to know who to show our show to in their app. Review here on iTunes. In love & abundance! Jema

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The Well Woman Podcast was made by females, for females. Bringing out honest, truthful and the sometimes confusing side of women’s health. Join Jema Lee, a expert women’s cycle health educator as she breaks through the taboo topics of periods, poo, sex and sensuality. Together where we’re normalising periods, cracking open real body talk and fem rising the future. This podcast is designed to remind you that your body is amazing, you can achieve balance and body confidence all begins with your menstrual cycle. Get ready beautiful, you’re about to learn how to confidently reconnect with your body and discover your unique flow.