John Newman: Ego, inner children, and bin men

Ask your inner child what brings them most joy: that’s how we can start to find happiness and purpose as adults. DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter John Newman has recently pivoted his career in order to better serve his inner child. In this chat with Fearne, John talks about how rejection in his childhood, coupled with the intoxicating feeling of being wanted by everyone as a famous artist, led him down a volatile path. Fame, he says, is a drug that was having an impact on those around him as well as himself. They also chat about what happens when you’re fearful of letting anything ‘negative’ touch you, as well as what impact being aware of death from a young age can have.Through doing the inner work, inviting practices such as manifestation into his life, and reconnecting with his innate passion for music, John is entering his most exciting chapter yet. John’s smash hit single Call Your Name, with DJ/producer Alesso, is out now.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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