22 Episodes

Grey's Anatomy has been a show that has provided a great deal of entertainment for Cliff and Stephanie. The first several seasons of this show were rock solid. Seasons five and six gave us some of the best episodes ever for this tv show. However, these same seasons gave us not only some of the worst episodes of Grey's but of television in general. At least that was Cliff's opinion on the matter at the time. From February 2009 through May 2010, Cliff and Stephanie had created a total of 70 episodes of this podcast covering the first six seasons of the show. If you like this podcast, you may also like the Twilight Saga Podcast at http://TwilightSagaPodcast.com or the Hunger Games Fan Podcast at http://HungerGamesPodcast.com Stephanie and I have a main podcast that we still produce today called "Family From The Heart." Check it out at http://FamilyFromTheHeartPodcast.com And of course I invite you to check out my main podcast, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, searchable in your favorite podcast directory.