Episode 361: Psychedelics and Spirituality

For the past five to six years of her career, Sherry has harbored a profound fascination with the potential of psychedelics in the realm of mental health. She delves into how this immersion in the field of mental health has not only expanded her spiritual awareness but has also heightened it, particularly compared to her pre-psychedelic experiences. When we contemplate what thriving truly entails — giving our utmost in our endeavors, steering our businesses, and assuming the leadership roles we aspire to — Sherry asserts that such aspirations necessitate a degree of introspection into our own spirituality.

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The ZenFounder podcast is a combination of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, conversations with experts, and honest reflections on entrepreneur life, focused on helping entrepreneurs practice better mental health. Forbes called it one of the 12 best podcasts for entrepreneurs. Host, Dr. Sherry Walling, is a clinical psychologist, coach for entrepreneurs and startups, and best-selling author. She is an expert in trauma, stress and burnout, and her research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Traumatic Stress. She has also endured being married to a serial entrepreneur for 23 years.