82. Jamie Reed Confronts Gender Malpractice: on Courage, Whistleblowing, and Detrans Medical Records

Former Washington University Transgender Center intake coordinator Jamie Reed entered the spotlight in February when she blew the whistle on the harmful practices she witnessed during her time there. A “left of Bernie Sanders” lesbian mom of 5, she reached across the political aisle to work with the Missouri Attorney General, recognizing the need to put children’s welfare above politics. Since then, Jamie has become a prominent voice in the gender critical movement. Today, we discuss her journey from initially supporting gender-affirming care to becoming a whistleblower, and the courage it took for her to speak out.Jamie shares her concerns about the lack of transparency and informed consent in the gender-affirming care model, highlighting the importance of asking critical questions and digging deeper when it comes to diagnosing and treating gender dysphoria. We discuss concerns about the long-term physical and psychological impacts of medical interventions on young people.We then delve into a detailed analysis of a patient's medical records, provided by a detransitioner named Bugs. Jamie points out the vague and imprecise language used in the records, as well as the lack of thorough assessment. We discuss the potential impact of the hospital’s approach on family dynamics, particularly the triangulation that ensues when one parent is unaware of the child's gender transition. We also examine the informed consent process for hormone therapy, as outlined in Bugs' records. Jamie highlights the omission of important risks and side effects, and the need for more comprehensive and accurate information to be provided to patients. We discuss the importance of considering alternative options and the potential long-term risks associated with hormone therapy.Jamie Reed, BA, MS Clinical Research is a whistleblower from the Washington University School of Medicine at St Louis Children's Hospital pediatric transgender center. Her explosive first person story from inside a gender center was released in February of 2023. She has been on Triggernometry, Gender: a Wider Lens, and Transparency podcasts. She is co-founder of the LGBT Courage Coalition and continues to speak out regarding the care provided in pediatric gender centers. A mom of five and a gay woman. On X, follow Jamie @JamieWhistle & the LGBT Courage Coalition @LGBT_Courage.Resources mentioned: Free Press article: "I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids, Now I'm Blowing the Whistle" by Jamie Reid LGBT Courage Coalition substackDo No Harm00:00 Start[00:01:17] Rising concerns in transgender medicine.[00:05:21] Whistleblowing within the medical profession.[00:10:57] Concern for detransitioners.[00:14:09] Trusting experts blindly.[00:19:14] Fallout and unexpected support.[00:23:06] Detransitioner shares medical records.[00:27:30] Gender identity and diagnostic criteria.[00:32:04] An organ inventory.[00:35:07] Family dynamics and gender dysphoria.[00:39:23] Testosterone and emotional numbness.[00:44:38] Changes in sexual attraction.[00:48:58] Side effects of testosterone.[00:51:06] Challenging options and unhelpful statements.[00:55:19] Lack of true informed consent.[01:01:20] Unrealistic goals and gender dysphoria.[01:05:05] The world is still binary.[01:08:19] Lack of closeness for transgender individuals.[01:11:30] Social contagion and teenage girls.[01:16:39] Opting into marginalized groups.[01:22:00] Identifying out of toxic masculinity.[01:26:07] Pediatric gender medicine concerns.[01:29:57] The gender crisis. To support this show, please leave a rating & review on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe, like, comment & share via my YouTube channel. Or recommend this to a friend!Learn more about Do No Harm.Take $200 off your EightSleep Pod Pro Cover with code SOMETHERAPIST at EightSleep.com.Take 20% off all superfood beverages with code SOMETHERAPIST at Organifi.Check out my shop for book recommendations + wellness products.Show notes & transcript provided with the help of SwellAI.Special thanks to Joey Pecoraro for our theme song, “Half Awake,” used with gratitude and permission.Watch NO WAY BACK: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care (our medical ethics documentary, formerly known as Affirmation Generation). Stream the film or purchase a DVD. Use code SOMETHERAPIST to take 20% off your order. Follow us on X @2022affirmation or Instagram at @affirmationgeneration.Have a question for me? Looking to go deeper and discuss these ideas with other listeners? Join my Locals community! Members get to ask questions I will respond to in exclusive, members-only livestreams, post questions for upcoming guests to answer, plus other perks TBD. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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