74. Bioethics & Faith: Samantha Stephenson on Reclaiming Sanctity in a Hypermodern World

In this episode, Stephanie Winn interviews Samantha Stephenson, the host of the podcast "Brave New Us: Bioethics in the Light of Faith." Samantha shares her unique perspective on the intersection of faith and bioethics from a Catholic standpoint.Stephanie and Samantha discuss the concept of sanctity and the loss of the sense of the sacred in today's society. They explore the ethical dilemmas presented by emerging technologies, such as synthetic embryos and artificial wombs. Samantha emphasizes the importance of understanding the sanctity of life and the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with manipulating human life in such ways.They delve into the Catholic understanding of sin as "missing the mark" and how it relates to these bioethical issues. Samantha highlights the need for thoughtful exploration and questioning, even within a religious framework, to truly understand and grapple with these complex topics.The conversation also touches on the role of attachment and the significance of the mother-child bond in human development. Samantha raises concerns about the potential psychological and emotional effects on children who are gestated outside of a human womb and the importance of respecting their autonomy and well-being.Throughout the episode, Samantha draws on her background in theology and bioethics to provide insights into the moral implications of these technologies and the need for a deeper understanding of our purpose as human beings. She encourages listeners to consider the long-term consequences and potential risks associated with playing with life in ways that defy our natural design.This episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection of faith and bioethics, shedding light on the ethical dilemmas posed by emerging technologies and the importance of maintaining a sense of sanctity and respect for human life.Samantha Stephenson is host of the Brave New Us podcast (coming to YouTube Sept. 22!) and author of Reclaiming Motherhood from a Culture Gone Mad. She is a Paul Ramsey Fellow at the Center for Bioethics and Culture and holds master's degrees in theology and bioethics. Her writing has been featured at Public Discourse, Crisis Magazine, The Federalist, FemCatholic, Natural Womanhood, Notre Dame’s Grotto Network, Our Sunday Visitor, and Word on Fire. Sign up for her Faith + Bioethics newsletter to receive the latest updates on medical research, technology, and culture, or stay connected via Instagram and Twitter.Books mentioned in this episode:"Reclaiming Motherhood from a Culture Gone Mad" by Samantha StephensonAll books mentioned on this podcast can be found at sometherapist.com/bookshop or by following these Amazon affiliate links. Thank you for your support!Previous episodes mentioned:60. Informed Consent & Maternity Care with Kallie Fell52. Surrogacy: Liberation or Exploitation? with Jennifer LahlOther resources mentioned in this episode:Brave New Us PodcastEcto Life concept videoThe National Catholic Bioethics Center - Free Ethical Consults00:00 Start[00:04:13] Resurgence of interest in Catholicism.[00:08:32] Sunset conversations and philosophical debate.[00:11:33] Understanding the symbolism of rituals.[00:17:28] Being rooted in a particular faith.[00:19:05] Questioning and exploring beliefs.[00:23:13] Revolt against our subsistence.[00:29:06] Navigating 21st century problems.[00:30:37] Synthetic embryos and ethical concerns.[00:35:08] What is sin?[00:39:03] Artificial creation of human beings.[00:42:26] Effects of prenatal bonding.[00:46:43] Sociopathy and attachment wounds.[00:51:32] Control and consequences of technology.[00:53:45] Material wealth vs spiritual poverty.[00:57:26] Natural disasters and human role.[01:01:52] Abortion and maternal well-being.[01:06:41] Catholicism and detransitioners.[01:09:28] Virtues and their importance.[01:15:39] The value of sins and virtues.[01:18:11] The language of humility.[01:21:26] Courage and humility.[01:25:11] Recognizing strengths and weaknesses.[01:29:40] Mary, the mother of God; Samantha’s favorite Catholic saints.If you enjoyed this conversation, please rate & review it on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 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