मनदेखि प्राथना गरौं-३, अगुवा सामुएल बुढाथोकी

This is a general series on Prayer. There’s no one book or fixed sub-topics under the topic of Prayer, (we suggest a bibliography). Preach what you (as teaching elders/leaders of the church, see good and suitable for the life of Prayer in the church. Goal of this series is to raise a praying-church- committed, persistent in-community praying. Jesus said, “My house shall be called the house of prayer for all people, but you have made it a den of robbers” If a church is not guided or let into prayer, it’ll become a “commercial center” of sorts. There’s no new clever program, just urging people to come and pray, pray in your spaces, best in groups and families.We have finished the series on “Church & the Gospel Responsibility” through the book Faithful Presence, where we focused on being present with people with intentionality to bring God’s presence through the Holy Spirit to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. These will be good resource to have on web-based where people can go back to listen and think and discuss. There’s a sense of “new paradigm” being set for understanding the gospel and the church as a practicing community- i.e. not a social set up for same old tradition for gaining self-propagated vision of power, status, and achieving personal dreams. In the same line of thought, invoking the presence of God and the Holy Spirit [old concept of “epiclesis”] we begin to give God the space and time priority (not own time and prayer concerns as priority). This means do not be afraid of silence to listen to God and his Word and thoughts he brings to us, ideas he gives, and direction he leads us. If God is alive and active among us, his acts (works) and thoughts (imaginations) are given space and priority. It will take time and practice to get used to such praying habits, but exercising is necessary.

Om Podcasten

Podcast by Cross-Way Nepal: Here you will find the Biblical and Contextually Relevant Sermons recorded live at Cross-Way Church, Lalitpur Nepal. These sermons are in the Nepali language.