पुर्नारुथानको अभ्यास-२, पा. अमित कार्थक

Goal: We will move from Resurrection as believed and claimed theology to life’s practices.Resurrection is the central event of Christian life. It’s narratives both in history when Jesus was raised from the dead, but also in our own lives need defining and re-imagining for real life habits and cultural practices. If death is the ultimate enemy that has it’s grip over our lives, resurrection (of Jesus and therefore ours) sets us free, free enough for us to imagine God’s Kingdom here and now in our lives. Need: We are bound to our own “business as usual” and distracted by our lives’ demands on us, keeping too busy to “create, make [manufacture] and control” that we’ve kept ourselves preoccupied leaving hardly any room for the wonderment, deeper meaning and at the mysteries of resurrection. Resurrection is often presented as something to be argued, debated, proven and believed. While those are necessary about Resurrection, and have served the cause of Truth claims. But, through the narratives of the first Easter day, the events and persons, we learn resurrection is meant to be carried out into practices of our daily lives, more than cognitively believed, just as Jesus exemplified it’s meaning in his life. This sermon series will focus on the practices that Resurrection demands from us, as believers in Jesus, baptized into his death and resurrection.

Om Podcasten

Podcast by Cross-Way Nepal: Here you will find the Biblical and Contextually Relevant Sermons recorded live at Cross-Way Church, Lalitpur Nepal. These sermons are in the Nepali language.