Spot a Liar in 2 Minutes! | Annie Sarnblad Pt 1

Experiencing manipulation and betrayal is a painful journey many of us know all too well and can really leave you questioning your judgment. But what if you could see the signs before it's too late?  Today’s guest is the ahhh-mazing Annie Sarnblad, a global expert in reading facial expressions and a literal human lie detector. She's able to recognize thousands of facial expressions and she’s decoding them in her new book, “How to Become a Human Lie Detector” , so you too can recognize the red flags and listen to your gut before you attach to a person (romantically, financially, or otherwise).  In part one of this two part episode, we go deep into: *How facial expressions reveal the raw, authentic feelings someone has *How to spot a liar in 2 minutes *The secret to spotting true arousal in their eyes *Unmasking deceiving sweet talk  *And more! From the subtle twitches of the eye to the slight change in tone, every detail matters when it comes to deciphering the truth.  Whether you've been burned in the past or just want to be more discerning in your relationships, don't miss out on this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate relationships with more confidence and clarity in how the other person really feels.  Because your mental, emotional, and physical safety is absolute priority.   Remember, trust is a two-way street, and with the right tools and understanding, you can rebuild and strengthen it with the RIGHT people. SPONSORS: If you purchase an item using these affiliate links, Impact Theory may receive a commission. Try Audible FREE for 30 days! Just visit or text woi to 500-500. Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Then find and book a top-rated doctor today. Post your job for free at That’s to post your job for free. Terms and conditions apply. Give therapy a try, with BetterHelp! Visit today to get 10% off your first month. ***Are You Ready for EXTRA Impact?*** Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Calling all Badasses!! If you really want to level up your confidence game, check out the WOMEN OF IMPACT SUBSCRIPTION, specially designed to turn you into the badass you were born to be!  *New episodes delivered ad-free *Exclusive access to listen to Women of Impact round table discussions, weekly motivation, previously unreleased episodes, and more!  *Subscriber-only access to an additional 4 podcasts with hundreds of archived Women of Impact episodes, meticulously curated into themed playlists, and updated weekly. *Looking to boost your confidence? Check out the Get Confident playlist.  *Want to repair and heal your relationships? Start with Love Lab.  *Curious about your health? We’ve got you covered in Health Hub.  *And of course, weekly boosts of mini-motivation from Lisa herself that'll have you strutting through life with your head held high on the Badass Boosts playlist  Don't settle for mediocrity when you can be extraordinary! *****Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:***** Subscribe on all other platforms (Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castro, Downcast, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, Podkicker, and more) : Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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