Domestic abuse and brain injury, Calvin Klein advert, Exhaustion

Up to one in two survivors of domestic abuse in the UK may be living with an undiagnosed brain injury. That's according to a new report by the charity Brainkind. Emma Barnett is joined by Steffy Bechelet from Brainkind and Dr Annmarie Burns, a Consultant Clinical Neuro-psychologist.How often do you feel weary and depleted? Or perhaps just plain exhausted? Anna Schaffner knows these feelings well. Now a coach specialising in helping the exhausted, in her previous life as an academic, as a Professor of Cultural History at the University of Kent, she suffered from burnout. She has now written a book, Exhausted: An A-Z for the Weary.Since 1 January, working parents in England have been able to apply for a code to access new free childcare hours for two-year-olds, which will then kick in on 1 April. The scheme is part of a significant investment in childcare announced by the Government. But one campaigning organisation has found that parents are facing major challenges in securing a code. Joining Emma is Lauren Fabianski from the campaign group Pregnant then Screwed who carried out the survey.After the Advertising Standards Authority banned a Calvin Klein poster featuring the singer FKA twigs for presenting her “as a stereotypical sexual object”, we’re asking, what determines whether an advert is objectifying? Sarah Golding, the CEO of The&Partnership and journalist Rebecca Cope join Emma.Last week, Jade Robertson woke up to find that one of the dresses from her fashion brand Little Lies had sold out overnight – after Taylor Swift was spotted wearing it. Jade joins Emma to talk about what this means for her and her fashion brand. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Lucinda Montefiore

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