5. I Went Inside the World of the Trolled and the Troll

Marianna investigates online abuse targeting Eni Aluko and tracks down one of her trolls.In this series, Why Do You Hate Me?, Marianna Spring delves into her inbox to investigate extraordinary cases of online hate like this one. She meets the people at the heart of the conflicts, to see if understanding – even forgiveness is possible.In this episode, she speaks to former footballer Eni Aluko and investigates the wave of online abuse directed at her. Marianna tracks down one of the people behind the abusive messages to understand why they do it.If you have been affected by some of the issues raised in this programme, please visit bbc.co.uk/actionline.Host: Marianna Spring Series Producer: Emma Close Producer: Ben Carter Editor: Sam Bonham Commissioning editor: Rhian Roberts Sound Engineer: Neil Churchill Production co-ordinator: Rosie Strawbridge

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The online world can be a breeding ground for hate. But why do some people behave the way they do on social media?In each episode, the BBC's Disinformation and social media correspondent Marianna Spring - one of the most trolled BBC journalists - dives into her inbox and investigates a different extraordinary case of online hate to find out.She meets the people at the heart of these conflicts, and in some cases brings them together, to see if understanding - even forgiveness - is ever possible.