Munya Chanetsa, Sony Publishing

Munya Chanetsa, A&R Manager for Africa at Sony Music Publishing, chats about the music inudstry in the continent of Africa, the importance for artists and performers to understand their rights, and how COVID has provided time for reflection and engagement with rights. Munya also shares how the injustice of Solomon Linda and his song, Mbube, which transformed into the Lion Sleeps Tonight (best known for featuring Disney's The Lion King) motivated him on his mission to educate the music industry and the creation of Mbube2020.

Om Podcasten

This music podcast gives a unique perspective on copyright in the music industry by talking to music artists, songwriters, musicians and people from the music industry about creativity and copyright. Co-hosted by Dr Hayleigh Bosher (author of Copyright in the Music Industry) and Jules O’Riordan (Entertainment Lawyer and artist known as Judge Jules).