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Sarah Binder: How Pizza Hut Handled The Covid Crisis

from White Swan | Published 2/24/2021

In episode 4 of White Swan, The Crisis Podcast, Gavin Megaw talks with Sarah Binder, Chief Development Officer at Pizza Hut. When the Covid-19 crisis first hit, every business had to react quickly to cope with a changing business environment. Pizza Hut were no different – with restaurants closed and an increased demand for takeaway food, they had to shift focus, educate and reassure delivery staff, and implement new processes in double-quick time. Gavin and Sarah talk about how the business has managed to cope with a very different year, from understanding the new language of a pandemic, to juggling the many elements of a fast-moving crisis for a business with so many different global elements – starting with the importance of that very first message to stakeholders. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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