The Impact of Crypto w/ Keyword: Michael

sMichael (a synthetic podcasting asset created from the depths of Defi) has joined us to talk about the broader impact of crypto on society. In this short excerpt from our conversation that was nearly twice as long. we discuss the role of government in maintaining fair markets while still giving room for free innovation. Who do we blame for frauds and scams? Find out in this episode with Keyword: Michael of the Keyword: Crypto Podcast. Find Michael: Make sure to support his work via his Patreon: Follow me and my producer Gordon for more upcoming episodes! Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this episode! Stay tuned! --- Send in a voice message:

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In a crowded landscape of new millionaires and infinite upside expectations, Aviv Milner investigates the Blockchain bubble to ask what will happen when the music stops. From NFTs to Binance pump tokens, this podcast takes a deeper look at the damage done by a completely unregulated market.