Exposing Binance w/ Francis Kim

It all started on May 19th of 2021 when Francis Kim made the perfect call to short Bitcoin on the Binance exchange. While the markets tanked, he saw over a 100 thousand USD of profits, but he would soon realize that Binance was not like the exchanges he was familiar with in legacy finance. A power outage, an exchange that banned the closing of orders... and POOF, all of his 171 thousand dollars vanished. What started as a simple quest to get what he deserves turned into a rabbit hole of red flags. Francis Kim soon realized that this was not the only issue with Binance. His tweet from August 6th, just a month and a half later, went viral when he revealed the findings of his dive into the largest crypto exchange in the world. https://twitter.com/franciskim_co/status/1423658703174082567 Join me in the (August 11, 2021) conversation with a man who has risked everything to find the truth, uncover the lies and get justice. To get engaged with Francis Kim, please check out the following: https://twitter.com/franciskim_co http://exposingbinance.com/ http://binanceclaim.com/ Follow me and my producer on twitter! https://twitter.com/milner_aviv https://twitter.com/gordolven A link to the response blog from Binance: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/421499824684902502/ecosystem/our-commitment-to-responsible-trading-and-combating-distrust If you want to discuss anything, whether it is a story of loss or an insight on the Binance exchange, my DMs are always open. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/when-the-music-stops/message

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In a crowded landscape of new millionaires and infinite upside expectations, Aviv Milner investigates the Blockchain bubble to ask what will happen when the music stops. From NFTs to Binance pump tokens, this podcast takes a deeper look at the damage done by a completely unregulated market.