Deciphering MicroStrategy with an r/Buttcoin Veteran

In this casual side-episode, Frank, a veteran of the best subreddit for altcoin hot tips ( discusses his research on Microstrategy. Why does Microstrategy (and the CEO, Michael Saylor) matter? Well, in 2021 $MSTR became the single largest holder of Bitcoin in the world, with nearly 0.5% of the total circulating supply, and the stakes are high! The CEO has decided to take all cash on hand and put it in the  money of the future, and then borrow money (from the future) to buy more money of the future, in the present. Wait.... what? Is this a good idea? Find out in this episode or with common sense. Remember, this podcast is not financial advice. I'm not Logan Paul, Trevon James, Soulja Boy or Elon Musk (all excellent, regular purveyors of financial advice), I'm just some dummy on the internet. Despite that, after a pleasant chat with my new friend Frank, I can say that I am more bullish than ever on the technology and liquidity of MSTR put options. You can laugh at me now, but I will have the last laugh when I walk into a Walmart with my January 2022 250 MSTR Put contracts and buy a cheap desk and some almond milk with the most logical money of the future. Want to come on the podcast? Reach out to me at [email protected] Special thanks to the r/buttcoin community for encouraging skeptical inquiry.  Additional thanks go to my new podcast producer, Gavin, my good buddy Robin and my skeptic friends (@bitfinexed, @CasPiancey, @BennettTomlin, David Gerard, Amy Castor and many others!) --- Send in a voice message:

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