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Lana Wilkinson - Fashion is not frivolous, darling

from We Are The Real Ones | Published 3/23/2021

What a couple of weeks it’s been for the powerhouse that is Lana Wilkinson! As you might’ve seen Lana absolutely crushed it at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, the first major fashion festival to hit the stage since everything went down, appointed as the Creative Director for the Final Runway, whilst showcasing her personally designed shoes at the same time (um who can say they’ve done that?!) I’ve known Lana for years and in fact we recorded this podcast in lockdown when things felt pretty dire in Melbourne. I was saving it to share with you at the right time and I feel that time is now. The tone is just so telling, we were in a stage of real uncertainty and I think this chat is even more valuable to experience now, as Lana shares her vulnerable moments and fears for her family along with the issues she was facing with her new shoe business. What’s cool about this is we are experiencing in real time what happened post lockdown - her triumph in releasing her second drop of her chic af shoes and back in fine form celebrating a DECADE as one of Australia’s leading celebrity stylists, stronger and more powerful than ever! Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Lana shares so much valuable information here about her reluctant and unplanned journey into becoming a leading stylist, creating her empire whilst maintaining her integrity along the way, reading the play, body inclusivity and the future of sustainable fashion - and trust me, this chat is anything BUT frivolous!

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