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Doug Noland: QE Never Stopped! Central Banks All In

from Wall St For Main St | Published 2/5/2017

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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, student of the Austrian School of Economics and Portfolio Manager for McAlvany Wealth Management https://mwealthm.com/doug-noland/, Doug Noland.

Doug has over 25 years of experience working in the financial industry including working at Bill Fleckenstein's hedge fund. Doug also worked with David Tice at the Prudent Bear fund, which specializes in shorting stocks and other financial assets. Doug's full bio is here: http://creditbubblebulletin.blogspot....

Doug is perhaps most famous for writing his financial blog articles. Doug has been documenting credit and financial bubbles since the late 1990s with his well known financial blog, the Credit Bubble Bulletin http://creditbubblebulletin.blogspot....

Doug's excellent 2 part McAlvany Weekly Commentary Interviews w/ David McAlvany in 2016:
1) https://mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com/...
2) https://mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com/...

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Doug about his opinion of the state of the global economy?

Doug says how he's shocked he's still talking about central banker created bubbles since he started blogging about the technology bubble of the 1990s. Doug says that QE never stopped from global central banks as central banks like the Bank of Japan, ECB and PBOC injected ~$2 trillion of QE into capital markets in 2016. Doug says central bankers are 100% committed to maintaining the status quo now and they are terrified of letting asset prices fall without more intervention.

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