Ep. 69. One Million Bitcoin Supply Cap w/ Knut Svanholm

This episode was going to be called the The Logan & Thor show. Listen up to hear why. In it, we dive into this idea of “The Sat Squeeze” We discuss why 1 million Bitcoin (or less) will actually be available in the long run. The rest will be lost, frozen or inaccessible. We explore The numerator VS the denominator in Knut’s now-famous “everything divided by 21m” We ask: - Does infinity or 1m come first? - How do we know what’s lost / inaccessible? - Why is bitcoin still $40k? - What happens at Sat - cent parity. We explore the idea of “knowing is owning”. “When knowing is owning, the nature of institutions changes” Knut calls us “The trial generation of Bitcoin” Which is true. We are the very beginning. We discuss the idea of an “Informational element” - Alchemists should’ve been looking to replicate the properties of gold - Non-physical element - Information is not just metaphorically valuable, but literally. Knut’s New Book: Everything divided by 21 million available now: https://konsensus.network/product/bitcoin-everything-divided-by-21-million/ Follow Knut’s work on twitter @KnutSvanholm ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on Fountain, YouTube, Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, etc: https://play.fountain.fm/show/KGEglVpdWo4zXQWR3X7G https://anchor.fm/wakeuppod https://www.youtube.com/c/WakeUpPod You can follow my work at: - Linktree.com/Svetski Or - Twitter @GhostOfSvetski - IG @AleksSvetski - https://svetski.medium.com - https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/aleksandarsvetski Check out the new book: UnCommunist.com More coming soon!

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