Ep. 64 Free Private Cities

I’m joined by Titus Gebel creator of the Free Private Cities concept, CEO of Tipolis and Peter Young, MD of Free Private Cities Foundation. In the midst of the political madness rampant in the world today, ie; a cold, scam war of the people over the past 2yrs wasn’t enough, so it’s now time for a hot war…..I wanted to explore alternatives and how we can work on getting the fuck out of this mess. We covered a broad range of topics, including: >Why Free Private Cities change the incentive structure of the standard social Democratic political model, helping people lower their time preference and preserve capital into the future >Why it’s important to move beyond complaining about the status quo, and make a concrete business proposal backed by real investment >The progress that is being made in Free Private Cities-aligned projects like Próspera and Morazan in Honduras. What successes there have been and what risks there are to the projects >Why bitcoin will provide the financial infrastructure for Free Private Cities >Why Bitcoin City represents an opportunity for El Salvador to innovate in the realm of governance, in addition to their innovation in the realm of bitcoin adoption > How scale matters for governance > Welfare, Work & Immigration > Why do people push back on this idea when it’s so evidently superior? > Are the current incarnations of private cities fee-based or do they have to operate some form of tax model because of current statist & globalist organisations? What does the future look like? - Patchwork or league of private city-states? - CEO-Kings What are the risks? - Contractual changes - Relationship with host nation. - Property acquired in a private city being confiscated. The only long term way to ensure governments of any kind remain service providers, and not devolve into overlords, is to keep them economically accountable. Without bitcoin, we don’t get private cities. With Bitcoin, it’s not just necessary, it’s inevitable. Placing the money in the realm of the physical laws on nature. The most powerful private property. Important Links: https://www.morazan.city/how-rosa-aguilar-became-the-first-commercial-tenant-in-the-zede-ciudad-morazan/ https://www.freeprivatecities.com/why-a-citizen-contract-is-better-than-a-constitution/ www.freeprivatecities.com Follow on Twitter @petermiyoung @titusgebel @freeprivatecity ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: https://anchor.fm/wakeuppod https://www.youtube.com/c/WakeUpPod Download the latest edition of The Bitcoin Times: https://bitcointimes.news @TimelessBitcoin on Twitter. You can follow my work at: - Twitter @GhostOfSvetski - IG @AleksSvetski - https://svetski.medium.com - https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/aleksandarsvetski More coming soon!

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