VSP-004: How to playfully toy with big ideas - with Laurent Pinchart

Welcome to the [Void Star Podcast Series](http://www.mycpu.org/about-interviews). This episode contains my conversation with Laurent Pinchart. Laurent is not your regular Kernel Hacker (if there's such a thing..) He has worked from a very young age on several critical projects such as V4L, fbdev, DRM/KMS, UVC, and others. These projects have made it convenient, in some cases just possible, to build products that include cameras, smart displays, and other multimedia devices on Linux Systems. As always, we try to find out what makes Laurent tick, the tools he uses, how he approaches problem solving, how he manages email overload and stress. You can also visit: http://www.mycpu.org/interview-with-Laurent-Pinchart

Om Podcasten

VoidStar Podcast is series where we talk to the top class achievers in tech and take a peek at the secrets to their excellence. A bit more: http://www.mycpu.org/about-interviews/