VSP-001: Change The World, While Having Fun - with GKH of Linux Kernel

Welcome to the Void Star Podcast Series. This episode contains my conversation with Greg Kroah-Hartman. Also known as GKH in the Linux Kernel Community. He is "Mr. Linux Device Drivers". He is the current Linux kernel maintainer for the -stable branch, the staging subsystem, USB, driver core, debugfs, kref, kobject, and the sysfs kernel subsystems, Userspace I/O (co-owned), and TTY layer. He also created linux-hotplug, the udev project, and the Linux Driver Project. He is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. He is a co-author of the most famous Linux Device Drivers (3rd Edition) book and author of Linux Kernel in a Nutshell, and used to be a contributing editor for Linux Journal. We talk about Greg's secrets to being so productive, his tricks to staying on top over a thousand emails per day, his favorite editor, his favorite hacks, his system for staying focused, daily habits, routines and much more. Greg, lets us in on how to get super-human amounts of work done while not even really trying. You can also visit: http://www.mycpu.org/interview-with-GKH

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