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Very Nearly an Armful - Series 2 teaser

from Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast | Published 9/18/2021

In this teaser episode for the second series, Martin, Jon, James and Tim discuss all things Hancock in extra bits that didn’t make the final edit in series one. The four fans talk about radio episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour, “The First Night Party” and “The 13th of the Series” and revisit the infamous screeching woman before contemplating a pint of Horses Collar. We hear a clip of Bill Kerr speaking about the change in his character, and that leads on to a chat about Citizen James, the series Galton and Simpson originally wrote for Bill and Sid James. We then hear a clip from Hancock’s widow, Freddie Ross Hancock, reminiscing about how her dealings with the Inland Revenue led to Galton and Simpson writing the script for the radio episode “The Income Tax Demand”. Series two kicks off soon with the first episode discussing the classic TV episode, “The Missing Page”. That’s the little beauty I’m after – Lady Don’t Fall Backwards!” You can join the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society at

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