Saturdays Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast

Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast - Pilot Episode

from Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast | Published 3/16/2021

We all introduce ourselves and how we each got into Hancock’s Half Hour. We discuss the video releases in the 1980’s, and the exorbitant cost of videotape back in the day. We mention Paul Merton’s 1990’s recreations briefly along with Dad’s Army and repeats of shows, borrowing tapes from the old THAS VHS library, our quarterly magazine, ‘The Missing Page’. We discuss an overview of our upcoming topics: The Blood Donor, The First Night Party, The Rebel, TV: The 1950’s Revolution, Lost TV Soundtracks and There’s an Airfield at the Bottom of My Garden. We also chat about Tony’s relationship with Kenneth Williams and Ken’s casting in HHH and Snide’s catchphrase. Brief mentions include Fred’s Pie Stall and the ‘Hancock Collectibles’ and ‘Missing Hancocks’ CD releases. James also explains how we came to meet up virtually via Zoom and embark upon creating the podcast. With kind thanks to Robin Sebastian of ‘The Missing Hancocks’ for sportingly being our Announcer.

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