Saturdays Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast

S2 E3 - Very Nearly an Armful - The Reunion Party

from Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast | Published 11/5/2021

In this episode, Tim, James, Jon and Martin discuss the episode The Reunion Party from the excellent sixth television series. As this episode takes place 15 years after the Second World War ended, the four fans consider the likelihood that the episode reflected real life events with similar reunions happening between former pals who hadn’t seen each other for years at the time.  They also consider the strength of the supporting cast in this episode and are delighted to introduce a guest:  Laurie Webb, who appeared in the first scene in this episode. The team discuss comments received from listeners and launch an appeal for a good quality recording of the radio episode Sid James’s Dad and any other lost episode. They are pleased to announce the publication by BBC Audio of 18 hours of the forces show Calling All Forces from 1951 / 1952 and also discuss a strategy to enable Jon to tell his local landlord that there’s more water out there than there is his beer.

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