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S2 E2 - Very Nearly an Armful - The Americans Hit Town

from Very Nearly an Armful - A Tony Hancock Podcast | Published 10/23/2021

In this episode, Tim, James, Jon and Martin consider the merit of the radio episode The American’s Hit Town from the brilliant fifth series. The four fans look at significant role that Hattie Jacques has in this episode, look at the three very different roles that Kenneth Williams plays brilliantly, all with very different voices, and consider whether there was any ‘real-life’ event that influenced Ray and Alan to write this episode. The team discuss how the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society have recently been able to view archives at the BBC Archive Centre at Caversham for archive research and briefly look at the wonderful scrapbooks recently donated by Alec Bregonzi’s family and we hear from Alec himself! They also get briefly distracted by their least favourite Hancock’s Half Hour episode and spend a puzzled few minutes trying to work out how to fly a 1950s American bomber! Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe to the podcast. And, if you haven’t done so already, why not join the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society - full details of how to join are at We’ll be back in two weeks’ time with another edition of Very Nearly an Armful. Hope to see you then!

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