The Canadian Veterinarian Shortage

Hi everyone and thank you for joining me on this episode of Val Talk’s Pets.  Well we all know that our veterinarians are a vital part of our pet’s health.  Sometimes we never need to see the vet more than once a year or even longer in some cases.  Sometimes we find ourselves at the vet office on a regular basis when we have a pet with an issue that needs routine monitoring or care.  Either way having our pets registered as a patient at a vet office is important because just like us, we don’t want to be scrambling for care or with our pets to find a vet when we really need one or paying top dollar to go to an emergency care clinic when our family vet could have easily dealt with the issue.  But, in Canada right now there is a serious veterinarian shortage.    Join me as I take a closer look at this nationwide problem.Thanks for listening!Please remember to follow or subscribe to ensure that you never miss an episode.You can support the podcast by purchasing a coffee, or two at our ko-fi page.  All proceeds go towards the running of Val Talks Pets.Please don't forget to Rate and Review each episode that you find helpful/educational.  By doing so you will help others find Val Talks Pets.Email me at: [email protected] with topics you think would be of interest or with any questions you may have.Also, visit and be a part of my website at and help it grow!Thanks for all your support!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Val Talk’s Pets, the forum for pet parents and enthusiasts alike. Having been in the pet industry for over 10 years now I am going to share with you issues and questions that arise as I work with pet parents on a day-to-day basis. I am not a veterinarian but I do have certifications in Canine, Feline, Small Animal, Fish and Herptile and Avian Health and Nutrition from the University of California, Davis Extension. Thank you for listening to Val Talks Pets.