Episode 54 - Kate Moyle on the relevance of our love language & how online dating is shaping how we view romance

In today's episode Alice is joined by renowned Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Psycho-Sexologist, Author & Podcast Host Kate Moyle. Kate specialises in helping people having difficulties in their sex life or sexuality. Coming from a home where sex was an open conversation topic, she observed a change in people's behaviour whenever the topic of sex came up and the challenge this posed to addressing sexual problems. Her aim is to get people to a place of sexual health, happiness, and well-being. I loved this conversation and covering this topic for the first time on the podcast, where we delved in sex and everything relationships. Kate highlights her motivation for becoming a relationship and sex therapist, the need for proper communication particularly as it relates to sex education, several disparities that explain sexual behaviours, and some erroneous perspectives guiding general sexual beliefs. In this episode, we talked about; [01:02] Kate's path into Relationship and Sex therapy. [03:35] The impact of age-appropriate sex education for kids. [08:34] How online dating has changed the approach to relationships. [14:12] Common issues couples have in relationships nowadays. [17:47] Kate's methods for helping people with unhealthy relationships. [20:09] The role of cultural differences in sexual beliefs and behaviors. [21:16] When should you quit working on a relationship? [23:56] Communication, transparency, and consistency; crucial factors for a successful partnership. [27:47] Understanding the relevance of Love languages [29:43] The explosion of the porn industry and its effect on the sex lives of people. [36:41] Disparities between the male and female perceptions of sex. [42:13] Spontaneous (anticipation) Desire vs Responsive Desire. [43:40] Kate's perception about Soul Mates; multiple soul mates. [46:40] Staying unstressable through balance and human connections. [49:14] Connect with Kate. And so much more... "One of the biggest things that we can do to help our sex lives is actually normalising true conversations and that just doesn't happen enough"   Share the episode on social media and tag us in your stories on the below...  Connect with Alice: IG: @alicelaw._ TikTik: @unstressable_alice www.byalicelaw.com   Connect with Kate At www.katemoyle.co.uk Listen to Kate’s podcast; The Sexual Wellness Sessions Reach out on Instagram @katemoyletherapy      

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