Episode 53 - Carina Talla on how healing our inner child unlocks our happiness as an adult

Trigger Warning - Please be aware that Domestic Violence & Childhood Trauma is discussed in this episode   In today's episode, I sit with the amazing Carina Talla. Carina is a Healing Coach and Inner Child Expert. Founder of the HOW TO HEAL™ Method, working with clients on  how to heal your inner child, reparent yourself and transform your life.  Carina has such an inspiring story of her own healing journey and childhood that she had to overcome, she is such an embodiment of calm and grace and I loved this conversation!  In her work she guides people back to themselves through a life changing journey of self love, self healing and self discovery helping them to break free from the past and create the life they deserve.  Carina delves into the concept of the Inner Child, why it matters and how we can use it to expand our lives. In this episode, we talked about... [00:30] Carina's background with holistic healing. [02:35] Carina's healing story; the impact of mental trauma on her physical health. [06:31] The greatest stress Carina has had to overcome  [14:28] A deeply traumatic childhood and her healing journey. [23:20] Understanding and Reparenting your Inner Child; the 18 stages of inner child development. [32:00] The processes clients go through to meet their inner child. [34:41] Ayurveda; the origin, 5 elements, and 3 Doshas. [43:45] Keeping balanced through Ayurveda. [48:13] Spirituality means discovering who you are, why you're here, and how to live life through a sense of purpose. [52:54] Becoming unstressable by regulating our emotions and self-soothing. And so much more...   I hope you enjoy listening to this inspiring conversation with the amazing Carina - if you did then please share it with your friends and tag us on social media! We would love to hear from you Connect with Alice At www.byalicelaw.com On IG: @alicelaw._ On TikTok: @unstressable_alice   Connect with Carina At www.carinatalla.com Reach out on Instagram @carinatalla      

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