Episode 52 - NEW Season: Mo Gawdat & Alice on becoming Unstressable in a chaotic world

A brand new season of the Unstressable podcast returns and to kick it off Alice is joined by her great friend and Co-Author Mo Gawdat, Best Selling Author of Solve For Happy & Scary Smart and Former Chief Business Officer of Google [X]. In this episode Mo and Alice discuss their new soon to be released book Unstressable - which is available for preorder now and out on 30th April in US and 9th May UK. Their mission to take 1 million people a year out of stress through their book, platform and corporate speaking engagements together. Tune in whilst we talk all about: Mo's and Alice's personal experiences and lots of valuable pieces of the book in today's conversation. Pre-order Unstressable online today and then register your receipt for the invitation to our pre-order online book launch (https://www.unstressable.com) we can't wait to see you there! Listen as we discuss:  What is takes to publish a book Our Story of Unstressable Loss and Stress Working together The Formula of Stress Limit, Learn, and Listen How do we Feel to Heal Physical Symptoms of Stress What Spiritual Stress is 8 Practices to keep you Unstressable  And more Tips to Unstress Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer of Google[X], Host of Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat, International Best Selling Author of Solve For Happy, Scary Smart and Author of That Little Voice In Your Head and Founder of One Billion Happy. After a 30 year career in tech and serving as Chief Business officer at Google [X], Google’s moon-shot factory of innovation, Mo has made happiness his primary topic of research, diving deeply into literature and conversing on the topic with some of the wisest people in the world.                                 In 2014, motivated by the tragic loss of his son, Ali, Mo began pouring his findings into his international best-selling book, Solve for Happy, Engineer your path to joy. His mission to help one billion people become happier #onebillionhappy, is his moonshot attempt to honour Ali by spreading the message that happiness can be learned and shared to one billion people.   Connect with us: www.unstressable.com IG: @unstressable.official   Find Mo: YouTube: @mogawdatofficialInstagram: @mo_gawdatWebsite: mogawdat.com   Connect with Alice: www.byalicelaw.com IG| @alicelaw._ TT| @unstressable_alice    

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Unstressable is a series of enlightening conversations hosted by Stress Management Consultant, Reiki Master & International Speaker Alice Law, where she talks to various leaders in their fields on the greatest stresses & losses they have had to overcome & how they came back from them. With inspiration, heart warming honesty & tips & tricks to get you through your own & what will make you become Unstressable. IG: @lawali_life | www.lawali-life.com