Episode 50 - Britt Frank on how to get unstuck & your brain’s own digestion

In this episode, I sit with Britt Frank, Trauma Expert, Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Best-Selling author with her book, "The Science of Stuck". Britt Knows what it is like to be stuck and figured out how to crack the procrastination code. Her goal is to educate, empower, and equip people to transform even their most persistent and long-standing patterns of thinking and doing. Britt shares her insights on understanding trauma and its impact on our lives, particularly how it causes us to get stuck, as well as her approach to dealing with trauma so we can get unstuck. In this episode, we talked about: [01:45] How Britt became a trauma expert through her trauma. [02:28] Britt's biggest trauma; a dysfunctional childhood. [07:38] Defining trauma. [09:19] How to differentiate between minor and major traumas. [11:29] What happens with Brain Indigestion? [13:41] About comparison binary with trauma. [15:28] The mental traumas in our society today. [17:53] The impact of trauma on people's perspective of life [19:49] How do subconscious beliefs get created? [23:41] Britt's approach to healing. [27:05] What is Somatic Therapy? [34:15] Post-traumatic stress vs Post-traumatic growth. [38:37] How to build resilience as opposed to a victim mindset. [41:56] Navigating the trauma in our transition to adulthood through ritual. [46:28] Britt's favourite 3 rituals. [47:45] Is there a role of fate in our traumas to develop us into the person we are meant to be? [50:15] Being unstressable through self-understanding and honesty. Key Quotes:   "Anything that's too much, too fast, too soon, or not enough can register in your brain as trauma"   "Trauma is defined as brain indigestion"   "Pathological mental illness diagnosis is often the result of unaddressed trauma"   "There is a limit to our capacity to take in bad information; there's only so much bad news our brains will take before it's just going to shut down"   "You do not need to know your story to start healing from it"   Guest Resources  Get Britt’s book: "The Science of Stuck" On Instagram: @brittfrank www.scienceofstuck.com   Connect with Alice At www.lawali-life.com  On Instagram: @lawali_life On TikTok: @unstressable_alice                

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