Episode 49 - Rha Goddess on not allowing anything outside of us to dictate our future & reclaiming your personal power

In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Rha Goddess, an International cultural innovator, social impact strategist, and creative change agent. Rha is the entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, such as New York Times Best Selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein. She is the bestselling author of The Calling and CEO of her company, “Move the Crowd”, helping leaders and organizations realign their missions to be more purposeful, profitable, and impactful. Rha has this innate wisdom that exudes out of her whenever she speaks. Here she talks all about how people can start the journey to find their purpose by first reconnecting with a sense of self, and then defying societal conditioning that creates or affirms limiting beliefs.   In this episode, we talked all about; [03:26] Rha's backstory; From struggling to happiness. [08:06] How Rha managed stress at the beginning of her journey. [11:24] Rha's greatest stress; the loss of a sense of self [13:02] Staying true to yourself; 3 questions to ask. [17:03] Dharma: a means to find our purpose. [20:40] How the conditioning of painful sacrifice restricts people from their purpose. [24:35] Why does the world hold the belief that it must be hard? [27:33] Finding our purpose by grounding ourselves and starting with the little things. [34:47] How Rha discerns acting out of fear or love by understanding her body. [38:57] Learning to lean into our pain. [41:50] Peace; the absence of disease and distress in our being. [42:40] 3 phrases that help Rha move from a place of fear to love. [45:48] The greatest change the world needs today; coming home to our sense of self. [48:06] Having a deep sense of spirit from childhood. [50:31] Spirituality; the practice of acknowledging a connection to the source. [53:21] Being unstressable through a commitment to the practice of finding home in the sacred solitude of ourselves. Key Quotes: "The part of Dharma and the definition of Dharma that we don't hear a lot about, or we don't talk a lot about, is your true nature" - Rha    "The more of ourselves we become, the more naturally and innately we begin to express an alignment with what it is that we're here to offer and bring to the world" - Rha    "Success is a function of alignment" - Rha    "Somebody asked me one day, what is the biggest enemy to your purpose, and I said 'oh that's easy; distraction" - Rha    "We're only ever acting out of two places; fear or love" - Alice   "We've been taught how to think but not how to feel" - Alice   "We've been flattened; we've gone from being five-dimensional, maybe even nine-dimensional, to being one dimensional" - Rha    Resources Get Rha’s book: “The Calling” www.movethecrowd.me On Instagram: @rhagoddess   Connect with Alice At www.lawali-life.com  On Instagram: @lawali_life

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