Episode 48 - Max Lowery on breaking free from the identity that’s holding you back & how to become someone who can sustain their health goals

In this episode Alice is joined by online fitness coach, intermittent fasting advocate and best selling author of ‘The 2 Meal Day,’ Max Lowery. Max talks us through why breaking free from the identity that is stopping us from being the best version of ourselves is the real key to achieving not only our health goals but everything we want in life. He helps busy, hard-working women reach and sustain their fat loss goals, boost their energy and transform their health, without restriction or deprivation.  In this episode we talked all about: Max’s own story of sports scholar to expulsion, excessive partying to fitness Remembering what actually made him feel happy  What gave him the confidence to follow his passion How run ins with the police were his most stressful times and drugs were where he turned to The power of non-negotiables for decreasing your stress Digital distraction v digital fasting The power of intermittent fasting The problem of men not wanting to ask for help Why the most rewarding thing is getting women out of a dieting mindset The common challenges women come up against when achieving their health goals How shifting our identities into something positive create the results we want Why fundamentally if we are not feeling confident with our body, it’s not possible to be the best version of ourselves His three-phrase approach to change Why restriction is not sustainable The power of focusing on habits and behaviours Tips for healthy weight loss habits The natural rhythms of nature and why the modern world is making us out of sync Why not having the confidence to be yourself leads us to do thing we don’t enjoy The pressure of London  And so much more... Max stumbled across intermittent fasting whilst travelling through South America and realised the power it had to burn fat, boost energy levels and banish hunger pangs. He then developed his own method known as “The 2 Meal Day” which is a fundamental part of his bespoke online plans. Using his passion for “real food” to create delicious, simple meals with a focus on nutritional content. He has trained and competed as a sprinter, run an ultra marathon, and helped thousands of people achieve their goals, both through his 2 Meal Day Community. He teaches people how to incorporate methods that reset your body to its natural state, like sleep, movement, intermittent fasting, breathing, and cold-water therapy. If you are interested in working with Max then try one of the below options.... Free Facebook Group – A community for Busy Women to connect and support each other in ending the diet cycle. Featuring 20+ hours of free video resources. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3517413998285221 or 5 Day Challenge – Learn his strategic habit formula – 5 habits, 5 days, automated the process of fat loss, for long term results. https://www.neverdietagain.uk/5-day-fat-loss-challenge   If you enjoyed listening to this episode then please share it on social media and tag us in your stories we would love to hear from you...   Find max: IG:  @max.lowery www.2mealday.com   Find Alice: IG @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com    

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