Episode 47 -Pegah Ghaemi on living in the world of Kurdistan and coming back to her own polarised reality

In this episode I am joined by the wonderful Pegah Ghaemi.  Pegah is an award winning film director, producer, writer and entrepreneur. Her famous documentary 'I Am Yazidi' which she co-produced with the BBC is an incredible insight into the true power of documentary film and what it allows us to see beyond the realms of our own small worlds. In this episode we talked all about: Her own story of becoming a documentary film maker Her experience of going into Iraq and Kurdistan The making of ‘I am Yazidi’ How she came to adjust to life back in normality  How we are all the same – we want the same things Speaking from human to human – heart to heart – not ‘language’ as we know it Being close to a kidnapping Honour killings in Yazidi culture The moments that changed her own outlook on life Accepting reality as it is How empathy towards others is what inspired her to make films The killed, the predator, the bystander – we are all those people in different roles in our lives The power of empathy and becoming the patient Why people think it’s ok to do something that’s really not ok The standards we accept in our different realities – are we really that different? How we see things as a spiritual journey when we are open to receiving life that way How there are always things being reflected back to us in life that we need to relearn ourselves And so much more... Pegah is an award-winning writer, director, producer and an entrepreneur. Her body of work is a wide scope of films – Independent, commercial, fiction and non-fiction. Her films have been selected at many film festivals including the Cannes film festival, Clermont Ferrand, Rotterdam, and Slamdance. She is also a jury member at global film festivals. Her work has been broadcasted on BBC, CNN, Disney, and MBC. She’s the co-founder of The Works Network. The Founding Director at My Film Works and the founder of the creative production company- PEGAH. https://www.pegahghaemi.com/ If you enjoyed listening to this episode then please share it on social media and tag us in your stories we would love to hear from you... Find Pegah IG @pegahghaemi https://www.pegahghaemi.com/ Find Alice IG @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com    

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