Episode 44 - Polly Bateman on how our past affects our future & becoming the master of both

In today's episode I am joined by the wonderful Polly Bateman. Polly is a straight-talking & humorous mindset & performance mentor. After turning her own life around Polly's main focus is to restore your relationship with yourself which enables you to step into being empowered and free, so you can truly live your best life personally and professionally. I loved this episode talking all about how our past effects our future & what we can do to change that to the outcome we want. In this episode we talked all about: Why the trauma of her childhood made her want to be an entrepreneur How the abuse from her stepdad lead her to truly understand empathy The power of studying yourself – what makes me do what I do, think what I think & feel the way I feel Piecing together how we get coded as humans If we don’t know how we have come to be in this moment, then we can’t direct our life The 2 things we are all coded by The 3 awareness’s we have from a young age  Why her greatest loss was the loss of those years where she wasn’t her own friend How restoring her relationship with herself led her to like everyone else Learning that forgiveness is accepting it, not validating it How every single polarity sits inside of all of us Accepting our past as the way to transform our future Why we can’t manage our past until we understand how it’s managing us Why vulnerability is so misunderstood Why we need to push the boundaries of mental health with things like psilocybin How she restores people’s relationships with themselves How our own personal biases filter things in and out – we see what we want to see Why we are all constantly manifesting, but directly in correlation to your view of yourself in the world The power of just being And so much more... Straight-talking, empathetic, and disarmingly humorous, mindset and performance mentor Polly Bateman is here to disrupt your beliefs and break through the self-imposed barriers that limit your potential. Her clients come from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs and C-suite executives through to public figures and world-class athletes.    www.pollybateman.com IG: @thepollybateman   If you enjoyed today's episode with the wonderful Polly then please share it on social media and tag us to let us know, we would love to hear from you! IG: @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com  

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