Episode 38 - Jamie Clements on the power behind not 'man'ing up' & the contagious nature of vulnerability

In this episode Alice is joined by Jamie Clements. Jamie is a breathwork coach and mental health advocate and Founder of The Breath Space and the Man Down Podcast. Jamie's work is centred around emotional awareness and integration through vulnerability, with a specific focus on breathwork & masculinity. I loved this conversation as it was really amazing to hear a male perspective on things like the power of vulnerability and why toxic masculinity has come to this point and what we can all do to change that! In this episode we talked all about: - How the loss of Jamie's friend George to suicide, led him to move towards the work he now does around mental health - The generational gap between men's vulnerability - The contagious nature of vulnerability for both men & women - Why we can't expect others to be honest with us if we are not willing to be honest with ourselves - Masculinity & men's mental health - The power of our breath to heal our traumas - Why so many of us are not using the greatest tool we all have properly (our breath) & so much more...   If you do enjoy this episode then find us below on social media, tag us in your stories! We would love to hear from you Alice: @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com   Jamie Clements: @jamieclements_ www.thebreathspace.co.uk    

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