Episode 37 - Anita Kaushal on dying of age not disease & the power within loss

In this episode Alice is joined by Anita Kaushal - Co-Founder of Mauli Rituals; a British brand of skin, hair and body products, inspired by her Indian, Ayurvedic heritage. Anita is someone who is clearly a very wise and old soul. She has an ease and wisdom about her that brings an amazing perspective on the topic of loss and more. From her own tragic loss of her daughter Milli to cancer and how that became the catalyst for her amazing Ayurvedic brand Mauli Rituals. In this episode we talked all about: - The ancient power and science of Ayurveda and how it can change our life and health - What the loss of her daughter Milli taught her and how it was a catalyst for her incredible brand (Mauli Rituals) - Why her 87 year old Father in Law is the reason Ayurveda called to her - Why we are supposed to die of age not of disease - The powerful realisations that loss can bring - Why life is so much bigger than only what we can see here - The importance of honouring the sacredness of the individual  - Why imagining what was never meant to be is so damaging to us And so much more... Born and raised in West London, Anita grew up surrounded by the intricate fabrics and artefacts her father imported from Rajasthan. She began her career as Assistant to the UK Director of Rochas Perfumes, before moving into sales. After seven years climbing the corporate ladder, Anita left to follow her passion and founded a multi-channel retail of lifestyle products that married local artisans and internationally acclaimed designers. Her mix of old, new, ancient and modern also applied to her writing and art-directing style, as in motherhood, she went on to conceive best selling books for Thames & Hudson and then launch her Creative Consultancy. A life-changing incident in 2012 gave Anita the impetus to launch a fund-raising initiative and take her career full-circle and return to beauty with the launch of Mauli Rituals. The common thread in all her projects has been to share products and ideas that enrich the everyday by giving equal value to the physical, emotional and spiritual.  A trip to India opened her eyes to the incredible wellbeing and beauty wisdom of Ayurveda and given her consultancy projects revolved around beauty and wellbeing, everything just clicked and she knew the way forward. Mauli is a means to celebrate her heritage, grow a business she feels passionate about and at the same time, steadily work towards her target of raising £1m for charities that support women and children. Mauli launched in late 2014 and is available through some of the world’s premier retailers including Net-A-Porter, SpaceNK, The Bulgari Spa and Nobu. If you enjoyed this episode then please let us know on social media and share and tag us in your stories. Find me: Alice - IG @lawali_life www.lawali-life.com   Find Anita: Mauli Rituals - IIG @maulirituals www.maulirituals.com    

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