#24 : Angela Cretu : The Journey of a CEO : How Purpose - Led Leadership Can Transform Entire Organizations

Wonder what the CEO life is like? Angela Cretu, former CEO of AVON, shares her journey. From a small town in Romania to global force, Angela's 25-year career journey champions impact and relevance in a shifting business landscape. What drives her? Diversity. Growth. Vision. And two under appreciated tools - curiosity and humility. We unpacked so much about purpose led leadership: šŸ’” how humility sparks self confidence šŸ’” how the role of a leader is to serve šŸ’” how an organization's value have to be aligned with people values šŸ’” how to balance work and personal fulfillment šŸ’” how should a successful career look like I took so much from this conversation, but the biggest takeaway has been this: "Nothing from yesterday's experience can grant your success today". I hope you enjoy listening! I'd be so grateful if you could rate the podcast five stars. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/theunmtchd/message

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