#07: Oliver Sherenberg - A Creative Journey: From IP Attorney to Web 3 Pioneer

What happens when an intellectual property attorney with a unique background finds his way to the cutting edge of web three technology? Join me in this fascinating conversation with my guest, Oliver Scherenberg, a Hamburg-based lawyer whose journey took him from a family of engineers to a passion for intellectual property. In this episode, we discuss Oliver's transition from a traditional legal career to a more creative space, where he's built relationships with agencies, NFT projects, NGOs, and platforms for NFTs. We also explore the concept of building an online reputation and personal brand, and how this has opened up new opportunities for Oliver on a global scale. Plus, we delve into the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise industries such as music and real estate and its potential impact on intellectual property rights in marketing, branding, and the Metaverse.Above all, this, is a story about pivoting and taking chances, and ultimately finding what makes a life & career feel completely fulfilling.  Whether you're a legal professional, an entrepreneur, or just curious about the possibilities of blockchain and web three, this episode is packed with valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey. I hope you enjoy this! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/theunmtchd/message

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