Special Q&A | How To Be Creative Whilst in Lockdown

On this special edition of the Unlocking Creativity podcast, listeners of the show send in their questions about how to be creative and stay creative whilst in lockdown and living in these socially distant times.


Three of the many questions we’ll be answering in this episode include:

  • How to find new inspiration whilst locked down and working in isolation.
  • What to do with all those projects we were planning on doing before the pandemic began.
  • And how creativity can make an impact in the world around us, regardless of the industry. 


Thank you to special guest contributions from:

Elika Gibbs - Stylist. IG: @PracticalPrincess

Dan Shipton - Creative Director. IG: @WeAreBlackSkull

Nicola Larder - Creator, Marcella (Netflix) and Cobra (Sky)


Thank you for listener questions from:

Alexis Strum

Vicky Matthews

Alex White

Andrea Hope

Sydney Ling

Andrey Psyché

Y’all Y’all

Christoper Stanley

Ebony Arwen

Emily Gunawan


Daniel Brookes 

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Instagram: @danielrbrookes

Website: www.unlockingcreativitypodcast.com

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