S2, Ep5: Derren Brown | Mentalist & Illusionist | Original Thinking

Derren Brown is best known for his mind-altering stage shows and Netflix TV specials. By mixing mentalism, magic, illusion, suggestion, hypnotism and suggestion, Derren’s performances are always innovative, distinct and continually push boundaries. So often surrounded in secrecy, what you're about to find out is the creative process that goes into developing some of his most famous stage shows and effects. Most people ask Derren how his performances are done but what you’re about to discover is even better - how he creates them in the first place. This episode is packed full of revelation and actionable advice that could be applied to everyone’s life.


Three takeaways from this episode include:

  • How to find meaning at different stages of our life and why a creative endeavour is a great way to do it. 
  • Why becoming who you are is forgetting about who you are supposed to be. 
  • And why we should all be finding something of meaning that’s bigger than ourselves and putting everything into it. 


Derren’s Recommendations:

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Laurence Scott - Picnic Comma Lightning: In Search of a New Reality

John Kaag - Hiking With Nietzsche

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