S2, Ep2: Dylan Jones OBE | Editor-in-Chief | Gut Instinct

The stylish start to the season continues with British GQ’s Editor-in-Chief, Dylan Jones. Not only one of the most inspiring people who I’ve ever had the pleasure to interview but also a man of many creative talents. When he’s not running the monthly bible of all things cutting edge, Dylan is also an accomplished author, a strong advocate for Britain’s creative industries and the Chair of London Fashion Week Men's. He’s won countless awards for his work and in 2011 was granted an OBE for his services to publishing. 



  • An insight into the reinvention of British GQ that Dylan implemented - including hiring Boris Johnson as a car correspondent and the advice that Dylan gives to new interns at the magazine.
  • How even though Dylan grew up not knowing what he wanted to do and going as far to describe himself as ‘not particularly ambitious’, still managed to go on to reach the levels of success that he has.
  • The reason why your gut instinct is fundamentally the most important thing when making decisions.



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