S1, Ep5: Patrick Mavros | Sculptor | Created with Love

As a favourite of the British Royal Family and with fans worldwide, the brand Patrick Mavros may have never come to be at all if it wasn't for love. In 1978, Patrick made his wife Catja a pair of silver earrings as a romantic gesture in their homeland of Zimbabwe. Little did he know that it would be this moment that would launch a brand famed for its exquisite silverware, jewellery and sculptures. We sat down together during Patrick's recent trip to London to discuss his story, inspirations and what its like to be one of Africa's first luxury brands.


Three takeaways in this episode include: 


  • How a tricky upbringing that included having polio helped shape Patrick's approach. 
  • How to balance the passion and business side of your creative pursuit. 
  • And a trick Patrick that uses wherever he is in the world when he wants to be inspired. 



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