S1, Ep10: Paul Oakenfold | DJ & Producer | Creating A Movement

It's the season one finale! Hasn't time flown? Never fear, the recording has begun for series two and we have a knockout, solid-gold, brilliant guest to ensure we see out this season with a bang. Enter the ring, Paul Oakenfold!


Paul is not only known as a top DJ having previously been voted the world's best two years running, but also as a music producer, record label boss and for his scores on TV shows and films, including THAT Big Brother theme tune and Hollywood blockbuster, Swordfish. As well as all of that, he's also the man that created a movement with what became known as The Second Summer of Love which changed both the entire dance music genre, as well as the music industry as a whole. 


Three of the many takeaways in this episode include: 


  • How a fake ID and pretending to be a journalist helped Paul get started in the music industry.


  • How a remix of a U2 song proved to be the launchpad for Paul's career. 


  • And why we should all be asking ourselves what we really love in life. 


Paul's Recommendation:

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On 


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