Two Northern Lasses

The importance of being visible with branding photographer Maryanne Scott

from Two Northern Lasses | Published 10/29/2020

In this episode we chat with the lovely Maryanne Scott AKA The Branding Photographer. After meeting only a week ago when your very own 2 Northern Lasses attended a branding shoot of their own we thought that you might be interested in what Maryanne has to say so we set about persuading her to come on the podcast.  To be fair she didn't take too much persuading because she had met us and already had figured out what a down to earth pair we are! Much like she does with all of her photography clients, we clicked (pun intended!!) straight away because she put us at ease and appreciated fully the fact that lock down lard was an issue (for Jayne, not Michelle who has admirably stuck to her Slimming World (other diets are available) plan throughout 'these unprecedented times'). So, Maryanne has dabbled in various jobs and careers over the years but always had a love of photography and was able to start taking this seriously when her lovely husband bought her a 'proper' camera for her 28th birthday.  She did it alongside her other job as a corporate insurance broker for a while then took the leap into making her dream her full time career!  Who wouldn't want to do that? So, she has a great business model and is so much more than just a photographer, she writes blogs, provides her followers with engaging and useful content and she runs a membership model called Visibility School where members get access to a professional shoot every single month!  Visibility is everything whatever business you are running because people buy from people you know!  True story!! Wait for the game at the end!  Loving the cucumber chat!! Find out more about Maryanne and her business here  

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