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Relaxing your pets with entrepreneur Amman Ahmed

from Two Northern Lasses | Published 11/12/2020

Amman is a Yorkshire Lad, living in Manchester and founded Music for Pets which is the home of brands Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat lovingly described as Petflix!  Love it!!  He started with just £1k and found a musician in El Salvador for around £200 to create the first lot of music which they tested on the musicians dog who had noise anxiety.   Interestingly but not surprising really when you think about it different music appeals to dogs and cats. It's all down to changes in musical arrangements, instruments used, sounds, and frequency.  It's kind of like meditation and visualisation - cos they have TV too!!! The TV for cats is more 'high twitch' ie birds, squirrels, Chipmunks - what cat wouldn't love that?  As a business they are constantly asking for and receiving feedback from their listeners (ok, the owners of the listeners) and bizarrely they do actually get trolling type stuff such as "the music made my dog shit on the carpet" but they also get really heartwarming stuff like "can I play the music at my dogs funeral?" It's a really interesting concept and we are not the only ones to think so. they have had 20 million listens worldwide. So listen to this episode and find out more - in fact get your pet to listen too - why the hell not?

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