Kelly Dae Wilson

17-year-old Kelly Dae Wilson went missing on January 5th, 1992. Two years later, eight individuals were arrested and charged with murdering her, including the officer who investigated her disappearance. Prosecutors alleged that Kelly was killed in a Satanic cult ritual. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the disappearance of Kelly Wilson. The clues that investigators had to go on initially were confusing. Someone had slashed a tire on Kelly's car where she worked. Her boyfriend had a bad temper but seemingly had an alibi. The charges against the 8 people were dropped due to lack of evidence, and Kelly's case remains unsolved. But woven in was talk of satanic rituals and apparently pressure put on small children that made them tell stories that seemed not to have been true. You can help support the show at Visit the show's website at for contact, merchandise, and donation information An Emash Digital production

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