Warm Nuts: Cheapest and Easiest Ways to Fly Domestic First Class with Guest Spencer Howard

In this episode, I chat with Spencer Howard of 10xTravel and Straight to the Points about the cheapest and easiest ways to fly domestic first class. We discuss using points and miles to fly up front on: Alaska American Delta United I want all of you to be able to take a seat up front at some point in your travels. You all deserve to travel with a little more space and a little more nuts. During your travels, if you find yourself sitting in a big front seat, I’d like for you to share that on the socials with the hashtag #TFBsWarmNuts. Thanks to you for your patience with the audio. I recently switched from Mac to PC and am having to learn a whole new system. We'll get it right at some point. Be sure to check out Spencer here: 10xTravel Straight to the Points Safe travels. Be good to each other. 

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