A Long Conversation to Nowhere With Han and Joe

In this episode, I chat with friends Han and Joe about the future of points and miles, what we think is overrated in the travel world, and force Han to choose a side.  Timestamps:  5:18 - Han's unpopular travel opinion (transpacific economy) 10:09 - Joe's unpopular travel opinion (kids should fly wherever they want) 16:22 - Adam's unpopular travel opinion (loyalty points are overrated) 24:59 - Affiliate blogs going forward 36:30 - Token gambling segment 38:12 - How we're saving money for future travel in these times 49:28 - One good thing A big thanks to @AstheJoeFlies for editing this show.  Also, thanks to you all for listening, the constant support, and the fun interactions. I hope you're well. Be good to each other. 

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