Marina Purkiss

Welcome back! Since we were last together the former US President Donald Trump has been convicted in a New York Court. In COMPLETELY UNRELATED news his buddy Nigel Farage has decided to u-turn and run for election in the UK. What an campaign this is turning out to be... and we don't even have the full list of candidates yet ;o)In this episode political commentator Marina Purkiss chats about how she first became fascinated by Westminster, what she makes of the first 10 days of the election campaign and what tips she has for a novice political podcaster.Make sure you listen to the end of the episode for Marina's manifesto suggestion and her message to the rest of the Galaxy. Don't forget if you have any questions for me then send them via #AskBinface on social media. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Om Podcasten

Hello and welcome to Trash Talk with Count Binface, It's the smash-hit podcast from planent Sigma IX which is now available on Earth just in time for the 2024 Election.I've got a blockbuster of a new podcast - in a nutshell you can expect brilliant interviews and peerless analysis. It's a bit like The News Agents, but with fewer holidays.Plus - should I choose to stand for election you'll get to hear about it first.Make your next podcast Count!Seeing as Count Binface now running for Parliament - here's some mandatory wording:This podcast is prompted by Count Binface for the Count Binface Party, at PO Box 731, Wadhurst, Earth Hosted on Acast. See for more information.